Be Familiar with Envigado

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Envigado is a community located 10kms south of Medellin. The citizens right here will certainly make sure to let you understand that they aren’t from Medellin, they’re from Envigado. They state Envigado is much better because it has every little thing a city requires. However, it is calmer and more stress-free than Medellin so that they can enjoy life much more. Situated right alongside the high-flying, rapidly-modernizing El Poblado area of Medellin, Envigado continues to be a tireless city, an unpretentious community that’s yet to be swallowed up by globalism. It is to Medellin what Brooklyn is to Manhattan (or was prior to the hipsters attacked).

It still has a real area feel. Homeowners still claim “Buenos Dias” as well as shop at the local butcher and market, youngsters use the streets and old-timers, stay on street-side tables sipping alcohol coffee (or aguardiente) while playing cards. Given that you probably don’t have both months, we needed to discover every little thing, we have actually assembled this guide. It provides you a quick introduction to the city and shares every one of our preferred areas to go, foods to eat, and things to do in Envigado.

How To Get There

The facility of Envigado is simply over 5 kilometers (3 mi) straight south from the center of El Poblado. Below are your choices for arriving:

Bus from El Poblado: Quick, economical, and also simple. On Avenida El Poblado, jump on any kind of bus that has “Sabaneta” or “Envigado” in big letters ahead, pay the motorist 2,100 pesos (USD 0.65). It’ll take 20 mins without website traffic.
Taxi or Uber: Tell the taxi driver “El Parque de Envigado, por favor” or key in “Parque Principal Marceliano Velez Barreneche” into Uber.
Metro: The Envigado metro terminal is a 25-minute walk from the town hall. It’s risk-free yet not particularly intriguing. You could intend to take a bus from the city station to the main square. And if you’re coming from El Poblado, take the bus rather.
Bike, Stroll, or Run: On Sundays from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., Avenida El Poblado is closed to vehicles called Ciclovia. This makes it pleasurable to get to and also from Envigado by the workforce.
Suggestion: Don’t go to or from Envigado (or throughout Medellin, truly) between around 4:30 and 7 p.m. The site traffic is a calamity. Relax, have an empanada as well as beer, and also wait it out.

The Best Communities

The three most wonder-full areas in Envigado are:

El Dorado: El Dorado has a true community feeling, with smaller sized homes with shops, bars, mini-markets, and various other small companies all along its slim roads.
Central Envigado: Envigado’s tiny yet busy “downtown” feels like you’re not in Medellin any longer, which was undoubtedly the case not too long ago.
Northern Envigado (San Marcos/ La Magnolia): These household communities might have less road life than El Dorado, but they do have Envigado’s fine-dining/ entertainment district, La Calle de la Buena Mesa.


The Envigado neighborhoods, we simply pointed out are equally risk-free, if not safer than any kind of in Medellin. Unlike elsewhere in Medellin, in these neighborhoods, we never felt people were enjoying us. No one approached us to offer cocaine (like in El Poblado, especially). It’s also constantly dynamic, so you seldom find straying empty roads by yourself.

According to multiple amigos Envigadeños, it’s risk-free because of the local mafia called La Oficina de Envigado. They’re sort of like the Yakuza in Japan. They pull strings but maintain a low profile. In Envigado, any type of illegal task– break-in, medication dealing, violence– needs to be poked by La Oficina initially. And also they mostly leave the general public alone– particularly the tourists– to prevent unneeded warmth.

Who recognizes exactly how real this is. We felt it was in our benefit not to be nosy as well as ask around. We’re blog owners, not journalists, after all. You’re most likely best off doing also.
Finally, and to be clear, even if we really feel Envigado’s risk-free does not suggest you can do not hesitate to walk around putting on Taste Flav-like gold chains speaking on two iPhone 10s at the same time. You’re still in Colombia. Be as discreet as you would anywhere else. In this way, you’ll be extra risk-free.

Best Points To Do In Envigado


1. Play Tejo
Allow’s begin with a fave of the locals and also Colombia’s nationwide sporting activity: Tejo! It’s an enjoyable and wild video game that came from the native people of Colombia. It entails throwing a metal puck at gunpowder buried in clay while sipping a great deal of beer. Be sure to attempt this conventional (and explosive!) Colombian video game of Tejo before leaving the nation!
Do you want to obtain a taste of Tejo? Check the internet site of TejoMedellin as well as join us on our Wednesday task!

2. Be The Digital Wanderer In A Cafe
The entrance to Otraparte. Follow to authorize to the cafe behind this home.
If you require an amazing coffee shop to research, check-in on social networks, or take pleasure in the eclectic design, right here are a few of our faves. El Café de Otraparte is among the most prominent as well as revered cafés in Envigado. The cafe is in an organization with a cultural center on the exact same premises. The center was in the house of Envigado-born philosopher as well as author, Fernando González. Surrounding the coffee shop is a stunning yard.
Currently, for the coffee shop itself– the web servers are friendly, the coffee is delicious as well as the environment is impressive. You do not require more than that. However, they are giving it to you anyhow. Otraparte provides a bit of whatever, like amazing food, beers from around the world, and also you can even have a dash of Bailey’s or Scotch added to your latte– just to spice things up!

One more beloved café in Envigado is Delicious Chocolate COFFEE SHOP. This area has all your food convenience repairs covered from bread to paninis to empanadas with your selection of a unique coffee beverage. Not just their coffee beautiful in taste, but it is additionally elaborate in preparation. The friendly baristas will enlighten you on their procedure, demonstrating precisely just how each specialized beverage was made in a unique means. Not right into coffee? No worry. Try the revitalizing sweet beverage of limonada de cocoa, just mindblowing juice. A three-minute stroll from the institution you will certainly find Black Coffee Café. A comfortable tiny spot confirmed with cooled songs and also tasty milkshakes and also an excellent place to have a small espresso before the afternoon class.

3. Exercise At The Cancha
After being in Envigado for simply a couple of days, it is very easy to see that Paisas, as well as site visitors alike, like to stay fit. The lifestyle in Envigado makes it very easy, with a lot of fitness centers and a good environment motivating exercising and physical fitness in Envigado. Several outdoor fitness centers lie throughout Envigado. In Envigado, our college is simply a five-minute walk away from the preferred fitness location referred to just as “la cancha.” This location consists of a basketball court, outdoor running track, fútbol area, and free weights/machines. Current research even showed that working out before exercising a language, raised memory, and retention. So enter that quick 20-minute jog before class, and also come prepared all set to conjugate verbs.

4. Go To Deborah Arango Library
Debora Arango is more than just a library; it is an art and a culture facility, recreational facility, and community amongst citizens. You cannot just find a wealth of books and instructional info, but you can appreciate them on the huge exterior terrace looking after the park. This lovely, social masterpiece is a brief 15-minute stroll from Colombia Immersion Spanish school. The library also holds an abundance of cultural events and instructional talks. Subjects vary from finding out the basics of Microsoft office, children’s craft classes to discussions where citizens share their memories of Envigado’s history.

5. Discover To Dancing Salsa
As soon as you’ve had your fill of details and culture for your mind, prepare to relocate your body. You can take part in one of Envigado’s extra polished physical activities: salsa dancing. Salsa dance is a great way to burn those calories while discovering smooth proceed with the dancing floor. Gringos and residents alike can take courses at Boy de Timba Dancing Workshop, Estilo Cubano Envigado, or Santo Baile. And also Salsa Gambling house offers classes in a real-life setup. Yet you’ll have to endeavor beyond the boundaries of this enchanting area to find several of the more prominent salsa clubs in Laureles and Poblado.

6. Admire The Design & Enjoy A Mixture
Uncommitted to be cooped in cafés? No concerns. For those who prefer the outdoors, stop by Parque Envigado, which also passes Marceliano Velez Park. It’s a wonderful location to people-watch while appreciating a beer. You’ll find kids playing as well as households enjoying the climate with each other. And also ice cream stands are aplenty! While there, do not neglect to peek within the imposing white Roman Catholic church, Inglesia de Santa Gertrudis. Building for this community site started in 1864 but really did not open up until 33 years later. The church is quite incredible, both in and out: inside its stunning main church is a work of art, as well as outside, in December, you’ll discover it aglow with Xmas lights.

7. Party At A Fonda
A Fonda is defined as a pub, inn, or small restaurant. These colorful areas are sure to stick out on a Friday or Saturday night with loud genuine Colombian music and bright shades. The aqua blue, red, orange, or fluorescent environment-friendly chairs, tables, and stage set the tone for the evening. A container of guaro makes sure to be in the facility of every table spread across the bench and a variety of characters trying to pour it down your throat. Characters include the policemen, midget, medical professionals, or a “typical” old made Paisa. The night starts steadily, but fast forward 4 hours– the whole crowd is dancing on the dance floor or next to their table.
The personnel typically offers balloons, banners, as well as funny hats to urge the event. Two of our favorite fondas in Envigado are La Tienda as well as Dulce Jesus Mi Pueblo. Be sure to enjoy this celebration on a weekend evening, as you likely will not get up in time for a Spanish course the next early morning.

8. Have “food selection Del Dia” For Lunch
Menu del Día or Food selection of the Day is a prominent lunchtime food selection, providing an adequate quantity of food at a reasonable rate. A lot of Menu-del-Día’s in Envigado range from 7.500 COP to 12.000 POLICE OFFICER, making them a meal that will certainly satisfy both your appetite and wallet. Food consists of a soup or salad for starters, meat with rice, beans, arepas, and plantains. This simple layout is tailored in the direction of the working class that requires a fast, loading yet fairly valued lunch alternative. It has actually been reported that a few of our students have consumed a full Menu del Día during their 20-minute break mid-Spanish course (with not a min to spare).
Two of our favorite restaurants are La Cocina and Delitamal, both nearby the Envigado school. But be clear. If you just intend to consider a food selection, request “la carte.” The majority of small restaurants and cafes use Menu del Día, so if you request for “the menu,” they will certainly bring you food!

9. Cooldown With Gelato
Among our past trainees eloquently mentioned that the most hazardous point in Colombia was the low-cost gelato. You will certainly locate tasty options for gelato and ice cream at inexpensive costs around every corner. Be sure to ask our occasion coordinator/ice cream aficionado Julián, for his pointers on local gelato for 1mil. If you agree to venture greater than a few blocks from our college, Percimon is a preferred selection with an obscene number of tastes to appease any palate. Percimon has a myriad of every sort of divine flavorful frozen treats you can desire– from Greek yogurt to tasty gelato, and fresh fruit juices. Get your preferred flavor. But it’s difficult to select simply one. We won’t inform if you treat on your own to two! Proudly enjoy your guilty enjoyment in their brightly tinted shop, or grab a seat outside and enjoy the fresh Medellin air.

10. Go Walking
What performs in Envigado for some fresh air? Envigado’s covert treasure is Parque El Salado. Concealed up capital from the primary square, this park has many superb shocks for nature lovers. However, you don’t need to like nature to value this environment-friendly get-away in the middle of the city. Check Out Parque El Salado to relieve your mind from a stressful day, and opt for a stroll among pleasant faces and intriguing regional suppliers of all kinds. For an extra extensive journey, you can adhere to the tracks beyond the park’s fence into the dense forest that makes you really feel far from the disorder of the city. You’ll locate magnificent falls along the course as well as you can even go to a trucker for morning or afternoon of angling. The trails and the park also include health clubs and other athletic centers, so if you didn’t walk it out, you could still work it out.

11. Have A Vegetarian Food Selection Del Dia
For the vegan and also vegans beneath us, Envigado has two terrific lunch and also supper options: The very first is the Yoga exercise place and also restaurant Tulsi Cocina Vegtariana, regarding five minutes from the institution. It is the very best choice to have a good and filling-up vegetarian Menu del dia near Dorado (12000COP). The other place is a dynamic hippie dining establishment, in La Magnolia, with a health food store incorporated. The food at Praña Cocina Natural is scrumptious, the ambiance relaxed, and the cost is encouraging. ( 13000COP).

12. Consume A Huge Chicharron
” La Gloria de la Glora” is probably one of the most well-known restaurants in Envigado. The trick to their success? Amazing section dimensions, delectable chicharrón, and also the sweetest proprietor on earth, Gloria Cecilia Ramirez. Be prepared to take a couple of shots of Guaro or acquire a container for the table. You will instantly feel at home in this relaxing restaurant decorated with Christmas lights, family photos, and the Colombian flag. Don’t be shocked if you really fulfill Gloria herself; she’s frequently known to be offering the guaro and monitoring to make certain your dish is just excellent. For Colombian food in a loosened up atmosphere, try Brasapera, where you can have the most significant arepa you have actually ever before seen.

13. Try An International Supper
There’s no scarcity of great global food to be located in Envigado. For authentic Venezuelan arepas– the very best in the area– attempt Veneca Arepas Venezolanas, which is open just on Friday and Saturday evening. Suppose you’re searching for something a little much healthier and possible outside of paisa offerings, attempt Lemoncillo where you can find fresh, healthy, and balanced Vietnamese food. Trying to find home cooking? Head to Burro Pizza or La Hamburger.
Envigado also has a lengthy ally, called the Calle Buena Mesa, which can be translated right into the street of the fantastic food options. Even if more premier, the selection and also quality deserves it to check out!