3 Ways Alcohol Can Affect Your Health

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Alcohol is the most popular drink around the world. Most people often drink alcohol to relax or socialize. If you drink in moderation alongside doing a regular exercise, it can be part of a healthy lifestyle. On the contrary, if you drink too much alcohol, it can affect your physical and mental health.

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Wonder why alcohol can have so much influence in our body? Here is the brief explanation you should know about how alcohol can affect your wellbeing.

Why is alcohol a health issue?

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There are many Australians who drink alcohol in an excessive amount. Doing this will be definitely harmful to their health. Alcohol can cause death, disease, and injury. This drink is the main factor in diseases in Australia. It also increases criminality cases in the country.

No amount of alcohol consumption can be viewed as safe for everybody. To reduce the danger of damage from alcohol related disease or injury for healthy people, it is advised to drink alcohol less than 11 standard drinks per week and less than 5 standard drinks on any one day. A standard drink is a can of mid-strength beer, a 30ml shot of spirit, or 100ml of wine.

The Guidelines are right now being updated to the best accessible proof on the health effects of drinking alcohol. If you want to seek for more information, see the National Health and Medical Research Council’s site.

But, we need to take more care. You are at a more serious danger if you are working as a driver or operating machinery worker. It is also dangerous if you consume alcohol while you are under 18, or older than 65, or if you are taking other medicines or drugs. More importantly, if you are pregnant, no amount of drinking alcohol is considered safe for the baby.

Drinking too much can put you in danger of short-term injury or illness. The impacts can also accumulate, such as harming your health for a lifetime.

Short-term health effects of alcohol

There is about 33% of Australians drink more than they should do on a single occasion (binge drinking). In the short-term, if you are drinking alcohol too much, it can lead to dizziness, memory loss, loss of coordination, lack of judgment, purposely hurting yourself, and many more.

Long-term health effects of alcohol

Drinking more than two standard drinks daily can really influence your health over your lifetime. It can prompt dependence and addiction, particularly in individuals who have melancholy or tension, and can expand your danger of self-destruction.

Below is the explanation how regular heavy drinking can affect your body long term such as:

Cerebrum: Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol can influence your focus, judgment, mood, and memory. It increases the danger of having a stroke and dementia.

Heart: Heavy drinking raises your blood pressure and can lead to heart damage and heart attacks.

Liver: Drinking 3 to 4 drinks a day increases your risk of developing liver cancer. Long-term heavy drinking also puts you at an increased risk of liver cirrhosis (scarring) and death.

Stomach: Drinking even 1 to 2 standard drinks a day increases your risk of stomach and bowel cancer, and stomach ulcers.

Ripeness: Regular heavy drinking reduces men’s testosterone levels, sperm count, and fertility. For women, drinking a lot can influence their periods.