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Much like nigeria, there are a place you cant pass in the night with a bus. But right here in libya is the worst, every body have guns. Am a nigeria but today am in libya. The National Cherry Bloom Event celebrates their charm as well as honors the relationship in between the USA and also Japan, the nation that talented us these flowering trees. The event presently extends 4 weekend breaks and brings more than 1.5 million people to the capital.

I essentially walked and also attempted to stay close to my hotel at night. One evening I experienced some drunks that began yelling at me due to my blonde hair. The only issue I had was with a rip-off where they squirt your back with a liquid as well as offer to aid you cleanse it. I felt the crap hit me and also walked to the opposite of the road and also tokdbthe dude to go “f” himself!

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Buenos Aires is a sad city, unclean and also you are not going to feel safe. Read more about here. I advise Chile or Uruguay that likewise are third world countries but with better quality of life. If you are thinking about going to Argentina as well as have been put off by these remarks, do not be. Simply be sensible and also study prior to you go, which is the same recommendations I would offer for any kind of nation. Argentina is an extremely gorgeous, diverse and also enjoyable country.

I overlooked to see a man’S hand agonizing to enter my handbag. He was trying to conceal his hands with a thick coat folded up over his arm. I speak Spanish as well as asked him what he was doing and also if he was attempting to burglarize me.

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We have taken a trip around the world and also been lucky enough to have actually gone to Argentina numerous times, investing time in Buenos Aires on each trip. I stayed in BA for 6+ years, had a laptop ripped off once in Recoleta at 10AM on a Saturday, however only condemn myself. I should not have actually been lugging it around, mindful in the opulent neighborhoods as the burglars hope on people in these areas.

The society draws a lot more and individuals are th worst. They lack fundamental typical decency, precepts and also manners. Not an excellent nation as well as in 200 years of independencectbey have not come extremely far whatsoever. What’s truly terrifying to me is remaining in your comfort area and also not taking a trip or exploring because of what might or might not happen. Being fear based is not the solution; simply be aware. Argentina is a remarkable country to see, you just have to take safety measures, much like anywhere you take a trip to.


If you take the time and also effort to engage with the residents, you will find the large majority of them welcoming, excellent natured as well as keen to share their society with you. Adam claimed 7 months agoThird globe country. Gil said 8 months agoArgentina is an unsuccessful state.

Tesa claimed 4 years agoI was in BA in 2014. On our method to La Boca our tourist guide advised us of choice pockets. We took a bus to La Boca, it was an extremely jampacked bus and I needed to stand. I had my handbag awaiting front of me and also I all of a sudden felt it pushing against my hip.

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All 4 cities have crumbling infrastructure, an amazingly high degree of destitution with an unacceptale number of families with young children residing in the roads, and also major crime problems. Terrible road burglary seems to be quite usual, as I heard from a number of fellow travelers who had actually been unfortunate enought to experience it very first hand. Among my coworkers was robbed at knife factor while walking to a restaurant on a major blvd in Cordoba throughout the daytime.

Dan said 2 years agoSpent a week and a half in Bachelor’s Degree. Some small fraudsters follow however nothing major. Having grown up beyond NYC I’m beautiful street smart.