What Is Another Word For Questions?

It is utilized to express uncertainty, or to note an inquiry. Click any type of word or phrase to go to its thesaurus web page. Commonly words that seem rough have an adverse meaning, while smooth-sounding words tend to have positive meanings. If peevish audios adverse to you, you would certainly be right. An argument, exemption, or other official questioning of the ability or lawful certifications of a person, the presence of a right, or the legality of an action or thing.

Free synonym replacement tool interpretation of to ask a concern or concerns from the Macmillan English Dictionary – a totally free English thesaurus online with thesaurus and with pronunciation from Macmillan Education and learning. , suggesting that the sentence with which it is connected is a question.

Challenge The Precision, Probity, Or Propriety Of.

The meaning of an argument is a formal discussion of the opposing sides of a specific topic or an official competition of arguments. The meanings of interrogate as well as concern largely overlap; however, question recommends formal or main systematic questioning. The word, restive, is complicated, because it sounds like it has something to do with rest. As A Result, D) energetic would certainly be the very best antonym.

questions synonym

The meaning of an inquiry is an inquiry or an examination. Britannica Describes In these videos, Britannica clarifies a variety of topics as well as answers frequently asked inquiries. Demystified Videos In Demystified, Britannica has all the answers to your burning questions. I urge you to add that to your answer and also link it in with the concern that was asked. Attach and share knowledge within a solitary location that is structured as well as simple to search.

Content Pertaining To Concern

a sentence in an interrogative kind, dealt with to someone so as to get information in reply. My homepage questionable atmosphere synonym. The ASL fingerspelling supplied here is most generally made use of for proper names of individuals and also locations; it is additionally made use of in some languages for concepts for which no indication is readily available at that moment.

Web remise en question synonyme here. Its beginnings stay as strange as words itself. It is most likely to originate from the Latin ├Žnigma, indicating a puzzle, or the Greek, ainigma, which originates from the word ainissesthai, “to speak obscurely, speak in riddles.” Reluctance regarding activity from the difficulty of determining what is ideal or expedient; unwillingness, uncertainty, or reluctance case from motives of principles. The content of an assertion that might be taken as being true or false and also is taken into consideration abstractly without reference to the etymological sentence that constitutes the assertion. (– Law) The formal enrollment of protest versus the admission of an item of evidence at trial, on the grounds of some legal defect.

Words Nearby Inquiry.

Distrust as well as suspicion apply particularly to the objectives, personality, and so on, of others, as well as are much more extremely unfavorable than uncertainty. Scruple relates to issues of conscience as well as responsibility. 3) Remove response options that have no clear antonym. This technique just works with antonym inquiries.

questions synonym

The word in the instance sentence does not match the entry word. If you ask a concern, you put a concern to a person, or request a solution from somebody. If you request something, you speak or contact somebody saying that you want something. You can likewise talk about the act of requesting something. You can additionally utilize prefixes and also origins to help determine a word’s cost. Mal, de, dis, un, in, im, a, as well as mis often indicate a negative, while pro, ben, as well as magn are typically positives. This report calls into question all previous research study on the topic.

Place Doubtful Or Express Uncertain Speculation.

See if you can remove two solution selections from the copying. Some typical synonyms of question are ask, inquire, question, as well as question. While all these words suggest “to attend to a person in order to acquire info,” inquiry generally suggests the asking of series of questions. Go to the thesaurus article regarding these basic synonyms and antonyms of inquiry. Not all words sound positive; some sound neutral. However if you can specify the cost, you can possibly eliminate some answer choices on that basis alone.

questions synonym

Question is an absence of conviction that might refer either to issues of idea or to issues of practise. As regards belief, while doubt is absence of sentence, shock is conviction, on the contrary; unbelief refers to a settled mindset, typically accompanied with opposition of heart.


So, the right answer holds your horses, an excellent antonym for restless. It is advantageous to familiarize on your own with tricky words like restive, since they are generally evaluated on the SAT and also GRE. Still, it’s much better than blindy welcoming ‘the truth’. Available to interpretation as it is, the statement actually proves and refutes itself. If you’re trying to find a word for an individual who inquiries everything, Daniel’s answer is perfect.

questions synonym