Chao Gyoza, Shijo Kawaramachi: Complete Guide

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Chao Chao (餃々) is an Osaka based franchised Gyoza restaurant which has several branches across the nation. Chao uses various kinds of Gyoza meals (Chinese dumplings) at an affordable price. The timeless pan-fried Gyoza meal, there is a signature topping such as cheese, shrimps, and Gyoza speciality.
The truth, this restaurant is a two-time winner in countrywide Gyoza (fried dumpling). Chao Gyoza is pleasant and low-cost gyoza and beer chain that came from in Osaka; however, it now has shops all over Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

There are unique vegetarian choices such as the yuba gyoza made from freeze-dried tofu covered with soy milk skin. Or you can have Gyoza with garnishes like tomato sauce and Mozzarella cheese, or grated yam and Japanese horseradish.

For included cost savings, Chao suggests their set, which comes with a 16 piece signature meal, an option of extra gyozas, a side meal, and a beer, all for ¥ 1490. Fill the little dishes with a soy sauce base and bean paste sauce. They encourage you to sample the gyozas originally before freely dipping it into the sauce, which is how I like it.

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The most famous element of dining at Chao is choosing what to purchase. Where lots of gyoza restaurants use steamed and simply pan-fried (or boiled) Gyoza with a pork filling, Chao provides a wide variety of toppings such as prawn, chicken, beef, veggies, pork with a fascinating kind of garnishes. The best-seller menu is prawn gyoza with avocado chicken, mozzarella and sauce cheese gyoza, Kujo welsh onion gyoza, the timeless crispy fried ‘Chao Chao gyoza’ filled with pork and nira (garlic chives), and pan-fried Gyoza topped with a thick layer of rejuvenating grated daikon and shiso.

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The mix of dark lumber and red décor produces a Chinese restaurant feel; indeed, the name is a take on the Chinese word for Gyoza. These sweet-and-sour beverages balance out the savouriness of the Gyoza.

Gyozas, in basic, aren’t something about Japanese food (it’s usually an enhance to my bowl of ramen), however, if you’ve wanted for a location that entirely focuses on this starter/side meal, then you’ve come to the best place!