Selamat Pagi Indonesian Restaurant: Complete Guide

Selamat Pagi (” great early morning” in Indonesian) serves up fresh, seasonal, conventional, and motivated Indonesian meals. Selamat Pagi is a famous Indonesian restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. For you who are looking for a choice aside from the popular dine-in option, Selamat Pagi provides clients with both take-out and shipment choices. Selamat Pagi serves a genuine Indianian menu, which consists of fish and prawn satay, sambal deviled eggs, fish curry, pumpkin coconut curry, and Soto Ayam.

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You will be familiar with the things on the menu (curries, noodles, fried rice). However, Selamat Pagi does them all a bit in a different way. There’s a pumpkin curry that we might consume every day of the year. Spicy beef rendang with marinaded veggies, and fish curry in a turmeric broth that’s much better than anything. To put it simply, if you take pleasure in a spread complete of bowls complete of vibrant, yummy things, you will find in the food at Selamat Pagi.

Popular Menu in Selamat Pagi Restaurant

1. Gado Gado
Gado-Gado is an Indonesian salad of a little boiled, blanched or steamed veggies and hard-boiled eggs, boiled potato, fried tofu, and tempeh. It usually served with lontong and a peanut sauce dressing. In 2018, Gado-Gado was promoted as one of 5 nationwide meals of Indonesia.

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2. Terong Balado
Balado Terong is among the well-known sambal dishes in Indonesia. The word ‘Balado’ is primarily discovered in Padang specializes, which describes spicy meals. This meal is nothing more than grilled purple eggplant topped with stacks of chilli sauce made from dried shrimp paste, served with rice to level the fire taste.

3. Soto Ayam
Soto Ayam is a yellow spicy chicken soup with lontong or ketupat or nasi himpit and vermicelli or noodles; it is from Indonesia, and accessible in Singapore, Malaysia, and Suriname. Turmeric is included as one of its active ingredients to get the yellow chicken broth.

4. Beef Rendang
If you’re feeling the requirement for red meat, Selamat Pagi has one choice for you, and that is more than enough. Rendang is an Indonesian spicy meat meal stemming from the Minangkabau area in West Sumatra, Indonesia.

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5. Ayam Bumbu Rujak
Ayam Bumbu Rujak is a typical Javanese food made from chicken meat, which is still young which marinate in a red spice then grilled. The red base is a spice made from salt, garlic, onion, and red chilli and called Rujak flavour since there are numerous spices besides chilli, consisting of brown sugar, which is frequently used in fruit rujak sauce.
Rujak flavour is not just integrated with chicken. However, it can blend with grilled fish, grilled duck, and the others. Ayam Bumbu Rujak comes from East Java, then its appeal has grown to different areas in Indonesia and is a preferred food of several people and circles. Rujak flavour that is processed ended up being spicy, sweet, and tasty taste produces a distinct flavour in chicken meals.

6. Green Papaya Salad
Is a kind of dish which consist of Papaya, radish, and carrot in a turmeric-lime dressing with peanuts. When it’s 93 degrees outdoors, and your air conditioner chooses to stop working, this dish is a revitalizing thing that’s precisely what you require.

7. Pumpkin Coconut Curry
Pumpkin has genuinely gotten its image handed to it by Starbucks. However, Selamat Pagi is here to redeem its credibility. This pumpkin curry is lovely – light qualify that you feel fantastic after consuming it, yet pleasing enough that you will not require to follow it up with a hamburger. There are a lot of roasted veggies and seeds in the mix to complete an exceptional vegetarian meal.

8. Fish Curry
The seafood menu is seasonal depending upon the day, however, even the inmost bottom-feeding fish would most likely taste excellent in this coconut-turmeric broth. You should not miss getting this.

9. Mie Goreng Tempeh
The noodles in this bowl are housemade and feature lots of veggies and tempeh. It’s excellent. However, there are many more amazing things to put in your mouth at Selamat Pagi.

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