Vinoteca Espresso Bar

Vinoteca, an Italian-inspired red wine, and espresso bar principle are surrounding to Culina restaurant. To match the Italian food at Vinoteca, Sommelier provides a “taste of Italy with California style” through a handmade list of Local, imported varietals and Italian red wines. Developed to stimulate a casual Italian perceptiveness, Vinoteca quickly changes each early morning into Vinoteca Espresso. A coffee hideaway geared up with a multi-tiered cold brew coffee maker, including South roast imports from Caffè Umbria and unique housemade breakfast pastries with an Italian twist.

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Vinoteca is situated at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. The decoration at Vinoteca is warm and welcoming, and the pastries and espresso bar lure you with beautiful bites. Vinoteca provides artisanal Italian beer, aperitivo mixed drinks, and a range of digestive e grappe. Vinoteca is using an oyster and red wine pairing unique for $20 throughout their Wine Wednesdays. The espresso bar opens day-to-day beginning at 6:30 am. Vinoteca Wine Bar opens Monday-Wednesday from 11 am to 10:30 pm, Thursday-Saturday from 11 am to 11 pm, and Sunday from 4 pm to 10:30 pm.

Given that the weather condition was excellent, we decided to sit on the covered outside patio area instead of inside the bar and coffee shop. Vinoteca opens at 6:30 am, as an espresso coffee shop with baristas making warm Caffè Umbria coffee beverages and eight-hour drip cold brews made from a stylish, multi-tiered Yama maker. “It’s like understood as an Italian horn, filled with hazelnut cream,” stated the barista.

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Our server went over the menu, which is divided into areas, and notified us that the fruit and vegetables and fish are regional. Nevertheless, the rice, wheat flour for the pizza, burrata, Parmigiano Reggiano, balsamic vinegar, and buffalo mozzarella are provided from Italy two times a week to supply genuine taste profiles. “The same items made here in the U.S. do not taste the same,” she stated. Our server advised we purchase 3 to 4 plates per person to share. There is Frutti di mare with fresh clams by the half dozen, California scallops, and two various kinds of oysters.

Next are crudos made with salmon, yellowtail, tuna, or scallops. In the centre was cut raw fish with cherry bottarga (an Italian special of salted, treated fish roe) and small chocolate mint leaves. It used a fresh, briny essence. The crudos at Vinoteca are fresh and brilliant, topped with a range of fascinating herbs. 

Under the Santa Monica Farmers Market area, we bought the ancient farro grain bowl filled with a scattering of mustard greens, sliced dried apricots, peaches, and persimmons with strips of semisoft Taleggio Italian cheese. The cheese was moderate in taste, using a somewhat fruity tang. Throughout the winter season, this area will consist of little plates, including Brussels sprouts, butternut squash, treasure carrots, and fingerling potatoes.

Next, we bought Vinoteca’s specialized Montanari’s, an Italian street food. “Nobody else makes these on the West Coast as we do,” the server informed us. There was no mayo, merely a dash of Italian olive oil.

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For those who would like a little white wine, the bar serves three and 6-ounce puts, as well as a range of Italian white wines made in Italy and California. The white wine list uses Italian Spumante and white Italian white wines. There are Italian reds made in Campania and Sicily and other reds motivated by Italy that are crafted in the California red wine towns of Paso Robles, Lodi, and Mendocino.