30 Top Attractions You Should Visit While Travel To Greece

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Greece is a nation in southeastern Europe with hundreds of islands throughout the Aegean and also Ionian seas. Prominent in ancient times, it’s often called the cradle of Western people. Athens, it’s funding, retains landmarks including the 5th-century B.C. Castle citadel with the Parthenon holy place. Greece is also known for its coastlines, from the black sands of Santorini to the party resorts of Mykonos.

Residence to a few of the world’s essential archaeological sites, together with some 6,000 islands, Greece is known for its all-natural appeal and also remarkable culture. Ancient archaeological sites, cliffs tumbling into gleaming blue water, sand as well as pebble beaches, as well as a balmy Mediterranean environment make Greece one of Europe’s prime tourist locations. Besides the capital, Athens, the top points to see on the mainland include Old Delphi and the monasteries of Meteora But the majority of people come right here to capture a ferryboat to the islands; Santorini, Mykonos, Zakynthos, Corfu, as well as Crete are the most popular. Plan your trip with our list of the leading attractions in Greece.

1. Meteora

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A stunning sight to look at, Meteora, with its age-old monasteries set down on surreal rock formations, is another must-see destination. Found in central Greece, Meteora (which indicates suspended airborne) is house to 24 14th-century Byzantine monasteries built on top of rock columns where monks could look for a haven from the Footrest realm. The location was already a shelter for hermits and also ascetics in the 10th century who were aiming to live far from the globe and also closer to God. Out of all the abbeys in Meteora, only six are still in function and open to the general public so do not miss a possibility to go check out this splendid site and to discover the nearby region.

2. Mystras

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A fortified community situated on Mount Taygetos in the Peloponnese, Mystras (or Mistras) is located near the town of Sparti. It was a powerful city in the last decades of the Oriental period and currently consists of an old town surrounded by wall surfaces and an enforcing royal residence on top of the capital. Known today for its beautiful Oriental churches with striking frescoes, Mystras is now silently bordered by superb nature. Visitors can come by the modern-day town of Mystras, which includes standard style and also picturesque little squares.

3. Acropolis, Athens

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Considered the sign of Athens and also Greece, and without a doubt of Western civilization, the Castle is a rough pile climbing in the heart of modern Athens, crowned by 3 stunning temples dating from the 5th century BC. The very best known and most unique is the Parthenon, originally composed of 58 columns sustaining roofing and decorated by ornate pediments and a frieze. Skirting the foot of the Acropolis as well as attaching it to the city’s other major ancient attractions– the Ancient Agora, the Roman Discussion Forum, Kerameikos, and also the Holy Place of Olympian Zeus– is a 2.5-kilometer walking course known as the Archaeological Boardwalk.

4. Zagorohoria

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Tucked somewhere in the Pindus Mountains in Epirus, northwest Greece, the isolated area of Zagori is house to a cluster of over 40 stone villages, referred to as Zagorohoria. Bordered with breathtaking and also beautiful landscapes, these towns are best for trekking. Very close by, visitors will locate the Vikos Chasm, among the inmost in the world. The other destinations in the area consist of paragliding, hill biking, and rafting.

5. Nafplio

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Frequently mentioned as Greece’s most attractive cities, Nafplio is a leading weekend break destination for affluent Athenians. Improved a tiny peninsular on the east coast of the Peloponnese, it became the first funding of modern-day Greece in 1828 prior to Athens took over in 1834. The car-free old town is filled with Neoclassical manors and also honored churches as well as ignored by the 18th-century Palamidi Fortress. Close-by tourist attractions consist of Tiryns, Epidaurus Cinema, and even Old Corinth.

6. Epidaurus

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Around Argolis, in Peloponnese, Epidaurus is recognized worldwide for its ancient movie theater. Built-in the late 4th century BC, the theater of Epidaurus offered to host spiritual ceremonies in honor of god Asclepius, whose recovery facility was located nearby. Famous for its fantastic acoustics, this classic cinema is still made use of today. Indeed, every summer it organizes performances of old Greek dramatization.

7. Acropolis Gallery, Athens

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The Castle Museum is just one of Athens’ most-visited traveler attractions. Developed by Swiss designer Bernard Tschumi, it is an ultra-modern glass and steel structure with light and airy exhibition rooms, built especially to present old finds from the Acropolis.
Leading things to see right here include the 6th-century-BC Moschophoros (statuary of a boy carrying a calf bone on his shoulders), the Caryatids (sculptures of women numbers that held up the Erechtheion), and the very debatable Parthenon marbles. From the museum’s cafe-restaurant terrace, you can appreciate impressive views of the Acropolis itself.

8. Zákynthos

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Home to gorgeous views both above and also under the sea bordering it, Zákynthos (Zante) island is one more leading traveler destination in Greece. It is additionally simple to accessibility, with a location only 16 kilometers off Peloponnese’s west coastline in the Ionian Sea. 2 of the greatest flaunts on this geographically fascinating island are it’s stone and sand coastlines– Shipwreck Coastline is one of the most popular– and also sensational sea caves like heaven Caves, off the island’s north pointer. Inside, the sparkling water reflects the color of the blue skies on the cavern wall surfaces to produce a magical glow. The Blue Caves are only one of the many watery attractions around this island. There is additionally exceptional snorkeling and scuba diving.

9. Corinth Canal

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One of the most fantastic tasks of design in Greece is the Corinth Canal. It took centuries to develop and also was begun by Nero, the old Roman emperor, prior to finally being ended up under the French as late as the 19th century. The canal is cut right into a section of rock and also covers 6 kilometers with sides that blast off to 90 meters. The channel is still in functioning stream and you can capture ships taking a trip if you happen to be here at the correct time.
One of the other pieces de resistances on the canal is the Zulu Bungy Dive, which is certainly not for those that do not have a go-to height but is also a remarkable means to absorb all the grandeur of the canal.

10. Mount Olympus

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Mount Olympus is most likely one of the most renowned mountains on the planet as well as if you are a fan of Greek folklore then this is not be missed off your schedule. If you intend to climb up the mountain then you will need to take a trip to Litochoro where you can travel component or all the way to the leading relying on your capacity and also health and fitness degrees. Mount Olympus is famous in Greek mythology as the spot where Zeus remained on his throne along with the location where Hades ruled the Underworld, so as you climb you can picture the legends that are adjoined with this mountain.

11. Delos

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Mykonos’s Cosmopolitan island exists Delos, the mythical area where twins Artemis and Beauty was birthed. Legend has it that Leto, the mom of the twins, was seduced by Zeus, and also to escape his spouse’s scorn, Leto was required to settle in Delos. The island was then considered a sacred place during old times. While the island has actually been inhabited in the past, it underwent a filtration procedure in the 5th century BC, where birth and also fatality was banned on its soil. After its destruction in 88 BC, the background of the island continues to be unknown, but today, the island is an outdoor gallery where site visitors can check out on a day trip.

12. Santorini

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Sensational Santorini is one of the most dramatic of all the Greek isles. It is well known for the west shore cliff-top towns of Fira and also Oia, which appear to hang over a deep, blue sea-filled caldera. Made up of common Cycladic whitewashed cubic structures, many of them which have actually been exchanged store resorts with infinity pools, both Fira and also Oia are considered enchanting destinations, popular for weddings and honeymoons.
Things to do in Santorini consist of sunbathing and swimming at the black volcanic sand beaches on the south and also eastern shores and also going to the historical site of Akrotiri, an ancient Minoan negotiation hidden listed below lava following the volcanic eruption that produced the caldera, some 3,600 years ago. The island has an airport as well as is served by ferries and also catamarans from Athens’ port, Piraeus.

13. Thessaloniki

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Overlooking the Aegean Sea in northern Greece, Thessaloniki (Salonica) is the nation’s second-biggest city after Athens. Founded in 316 BC as a result of its placement near to both Bulgaria and Turkey, it has always been a crossroads of numerous cultures and faiths. It is the main taking in the sights destinations are its UNESCO-listed Byzantine churches, but there are also a number of Roman monuments (consisting of the Triumphal Arch of Galerius as well as the 4th-century Rotunda), the 15th-century White Tower on the seafront, and an exceptional Byzantine Museum.

14. Uncover Lake Plastira

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Lake Plastira is something unusual in Greece which is famous for being blessed with a plethora of all-natural beauty. What makes this lake various is that it is manmade although this does not make it any less outstanding. The lake is surrounded by oak and also chestnut trees and you can go canoeing or rafting right here along with steed riding or trekking along the routes around the lake. Lake Plastira lies in the Karditsa area of Greece and also offers an adventure-filled mid-day.

15. Samaria Gorge

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On the island of Crete, the Samaria Chasm is a top attraction for lovers of the open airs. Gauging 16 kilometers in size and, at its narrowest factor, only four meters large, it runs from Omalos (1,250 meters) in the White Mountains down to Agia Roumeli, on the Libyan Sea. Depending upon your level of fitness, it will take five to seven hrs to walk. It is high partly and also rocky, so you should wear good walking footwear and carry lots of water. The canyon exists within the Samaria National Park as well as is on the UNESCO tentative list. With summertime, arranged trips depart from Chania and Réthymnon.

16. The holy place of Poseidon, Cape Sounio

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At the most southern idea of the Attica peninsula, 70 kilometers away from Athens, the Cape Sounio is recognized to be the location where Athenian king Aegeus delved into the sea to his death when he believed his son Theseus was killed by the Minotaur, giving his name to the sea. Yet Cape Sounio is more than simply a place of the tale. It is home to the Holy place of Poseidon. While the very first version was damaged by the Persians in 480 BC, the 2nd version, of which a few columns still stand today, was built in 440 BC.

17. Mykonos

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Greece’s most attractive island area is Mykonos. After-dark tasks center on Mykonos Town noted for its stylish shop resorts, stylish fish and shellfish restaurants, and live song places. Various other destinations consist of Paraportiani (a whitewashed church in Mykonos Town) and countless sandy beaches along the island’s south coast (offered both by bus and taxi-boat from Mykonos Town). The island is particularly preferred with worldwide celebrities. Mykonos has an airport terminal and is connected by ferryboat and also catamaran to Athens’ port, Piraeus, and Rafina.

18. Delphi

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On the Greek mainland, Delphi is a UNESCO Globe Heritage site. Improved the lower inclines of Mount Parnassus, ignoring a significant gorge, the website was spiritual to the ancients, that came here on expeditions to worship Apollo (god of light, prophecy, songs, and healing) and also to ask recommendations from the mythological Oracle. It is composed of the crumbling damages of countless holy places, a movie theater, and an arena, dating from between the 8th century BC and the 2nd century AD. Nearby, stands the Delphi Archaeological Gallery, showing a remarkable collection of finds from the site. Delphi lies 180 kilometers northwest of Athens.

19. Olympia

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Home to the initial ancient Olympic Games held every 4 years to recognize Zeus, Olympia features among Greece’s most crucial historical sites. In the western Peloponnese, this amazing site invites visitors from throughout the entire world and also plunges them into a distant past, where they can find out all about the Olympic Games, via the exploration of the site, that includes the old stadium, the gymnasium, the holy places of Zeus and also Hera, in addition to the workshop of ancient Greece carver Phidias. A see to Olympia is not total without a quit at the nearby Historical Museum where most of its excellent artifacts are on the display screen.

20. Rhodes Town

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Resting on the Aegean Sea, near to Turkey, Rhodes is the biggest of the Dodecanese islands. Its resources, UNESCO-listed Rhodes Community, is among Greece’s leading vacationer destinations. It is enclosed by an outstanding fortification system, including monumental towers as well as gateways built by the Knights of St. John after they took control of the island in the 14th century. The car-free patched roads of the old town are a delight to explore walking. Neighboring attractions consist of the pretty hillside coastal community of Lindos, and also Marmaris on the Turkish coast, which can be seen by tour boat. Rhodes is served by an airport terminal, as well as normal ferries from Athens’ port, Piraeus.

21. Patmos

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The island of the Apocalypse, Patmos is a place with an intense spiritual personal appeal. According to Christian tradition, it was in a cavern of the island that Saint John was inspired to create Armageddon’s guide after he dreamt. This is the reason that there is a large monastery of Saint John in Chora, the capital of the island. Chora is a beautiful area to walk around as well as appreciating a view to the Aegean Sea, but one of the most touristy locations of the island is probably the town of Skala.

22. Ikaria

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Named after Icarus, a boy of Daedalus, who fell under the close-by sea when his wax wings melted from the sun, Ikaria is typically referred to as the island where people fail to remember to die. Honored with stunning coastlines of gold sand and also turquoise waters, the island is a peaceful sanctuary where you can invest a laidback trip. With picturesque villages, vineyards, as well as a relaxed lifestyle, it is an area where we can all find out a point or 2 regarding taking a go back as well as in fact living in the minute.

23. Melissani Cavern, Kefalonia

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Kefalonia, or Cephalonia, is an Ionian island south of Corfu. It has remarkable beaches, rich plants, and also delicious neighborhood food. One of the many wonders of the island is Melissani Cavern, 10 kilometers from the main city, Argostoli. The cave is house to a below-ground lake and features an opening on the top that lets the light inside and provides the perception that boats are really drifting airborne. Although the trip lasts just 15 mins, we ensure you will certainly remember the experience for a very long time.

24. Hephaestus Temple

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Situated in the lovely Thissio community of Athens is the Hephaestus Holy place. As with all temples in Greece, this one is devoted to the gods, in this case, Hephaestus who was the god of fire, and Athena, the goddess of ceramic and also old crafts. The holy place days from 450 BC as well as rests atop Agoreao Koronos Hill. Designed by the exact same engineer that serviced the Pantheon, Hephaestus Holy place is known for its pretty columns and also its Pentelic and also Parian marble decorations. You will also discover friezes and sculptures populating the structure claimed to be one of the most traditionally crucial in all of Greece.

25. Corfu

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Among Greece’s leading tourist locations, Corfu beings in the Ionian Sea off the west coast of the mainland. The funding, Corfu Community, is a UNESCO World Heritage site, thanks to its elegant Italianate architecture– it was ruled by the Venetians for numerous centuries. Discover its romantic pedestrian-only roads to discover two 16th-century citadels and also the arcaded Liston, lined by old-fashioned cafes.
Away from the major community, the island is lushly attractive, with tough sedimentary rock rocks detecting the sea in its north as well as creamy environment-friendly hills in its south. The most preferred beach location is Paleokastritsa, on the west shore, regarding 25-kilometers from Corfu Town. Below, you’ll find a collection of deep, curving bays safeguarding sand as well as pebble coastlines stretching right into a clear blue sea. Corfu is served by an airport as well as ferries from Igoumenitsa and Patras on the Greek landmass. In the summer season, ferries sailing from Ancona as well as Venice likewise stop right here.

26. Metéora Monasteries

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One of the most uncommon points to see in Greece has to be the Thessaly Level, where strange rocky outcrops are topped by the centuries-old monasteries of Metéora. On the UNESCO Globe Heritage listing, 6 of the abbeys are open to the public. You need to climb numerous trips of rock actions carved into the rocks to get to each abbey, as well as inside, you’ll discover flickering candle lights, religious symbols, Oriental frescoes, and burning incense. Opening hours differ, as well as to see all 6 monasteries, you require to spend at least someday in the area. The nearest community is Kalambaka.

27. Monemvasia

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Founded under the Oriental realm during the sixth century, the community of Monemvasia is a sensational middle ages town in the southeastern part of Peloponnese. Nestled on a huge rock, Monemvasia is an enchanting location where you can step back in time. Gotten into by the Crusaders, the Venetians, as well as the Turks, the city was a fortress obtainable just by watercraft, although in the last few years an embankment was developed to attach the town to the landmass.

28. Knossos Palace

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Treatment over 20,000 square meters, the Minoan Royal Residence at Knossos lies near Heraklion in Crete. Decorated with attractive frescoes still noticeable today, the royal residence featured lots of areas and according to the myth of the Minotaur, a labyrinth. Minos Kalokairinos, a Cretan antiquarian was the very first to dig deep into the site in 1878, which allowed him to discover that the royal residence was built on a previous palace, which was destroyed in a quake in 1700 BC. The second palace, rebuilt right after, was once more ruined, by a fire in the 14th century BC and was never ever restored.

29. Prespa Lakes

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Located in the Florina region, the Prespa lakes are among one of the most vital marshes in Europe. This paradise where site visitors can delight in observing migratory birds lies 850 meters above sea level. Perfect for bird seeing fanatics, the lakes are an excellent location for those trying to find some peace and quiet in the middle of paradise.

30. Phaestos

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Phaestos sits around 60 kilometers from Iralkio and offers you spectacular views over the Messara Level as well as Mount Psiloritis. Phaestos is a destroyed palatial city as well as the royal residence right here resembles Knossos. The large draw here is the fact that the city is still in a mostly spoiled state which includes an other-worldly charm to it and you will also discover some attractive frescoes here. The entire site is one large background lesson as well as you can discover locations such as the theater, the primary palace buildings, the stockrooms, and also the crypt.