Algarrobo Tourist Attractions

Algarrobo is a high-end neighbourhood near El Quisco and Valparaíso. Public vacations and long weekends are regular in Chile, and one of the most excellent ways to enjoy it is to leave behind the crowd of the cities and head to the coast. Serenity, fresh air, delicious seafood, beautiful hiking, stunning architecture, horseback riding, and a broad range of water sports are simply some of the activities one can discover in the little seaside resort town of Algarrobo. This lovable city is situated in the province of San Antonio, in the area of Valparaiso.

Image by Flavia Mariani Martins from Flickr

A long boardwalk runs the length of Algarrobo, offering sensational views of the beaches and the elegantly sculpted coves and pine groves. Algarrobo is surrounded by gorgeous hills and farmlands, making it the ideal location to go horseback riding. A horseback flight in Algarrobo includes lovely countryside scenes under picturesque skies with peeks of the shoreline.

The beach extends as far as the eye can see, but if you are not one to brave the cold waters, then you’re in luck. Because Algarrobo is such as house to the world’s second-longest swimming pool. Thousands of tourists go to Algarrobo for its relaxing environment, long stretches of sandy beaches, and peaceful coves, which are best matched for basking in the sun, unwinding, or picnicking with an excellent book.

For you who interested in people-watching and a livelier environment are much better off in the main beach, Pejerrey. Wildlife lovers will be excited to know that boat trips are readily available at the beach’s pier. While viewing these huge birds swoop down with their slim and long limbs, you need to spend your time to explore the dinosaurs forefathers.

Image by Carlos Varela from Flickr

Algarrobo is fortunate with a warm temperate seaside environment. Not remarkably, the town gets most crowded in the dry and warm summer season months, however going to in early fall or late spring can be simply as pleasing, although too cold to do sunbathing at the beach. Here are three beaches you ought to go to throughout your journey:

1. Playa El Canelillo
Playa El Canelillo is located next to the busy El Canelo beach, it is a small treasure of Algarrobo that deserves to know. It is a paradise for surf lovers, and one of the many beaches that made Algarrobo known as the national capital of this sport.

Image by Ricardo Zettl Kalkum from Flickr

2. Playa Mirasol Humedal
This beach is located in a place where the water is at or near the surface area of the earth or where the ground is covered with shallow water. The text of the Convention specifies wetlands as: “Extensions of swamps, peatlands, and marshes, or surface areas covered with water. It become synthetic or natural, long-term or short-term, stagnant or existing, sweet, salty or salted, consisting of extensions of seawater whose depth at low tide does not surpass 6 meters “.

3. Playa de Tunquén
Tunquén beach, in Algarrobo, is ninth with the most problems of gain access to restriction across the country and the very first in the Valparaíso Region ranking.