The Best Tourist Spot Around Villa La Angostura

Vacation Home La Angostura (Spanish for Town of the Narrowing) is a town which situated at the Los Lagos Department in the south of the Argentine province of Neuquén, on the northwest coast of the Nahuel Huapi Lake. Nestled at the northern part of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, and surrounded with forests, lakes, and mountains, it is about to be among the gorgeous areas in the mountainous parts of Patagonia; making it the label ‘Garden of Patagonia (Spanish: Jardín de la Patagonia). Simply found several kilometres far from the border with Chile through the Cardenal Antonio Samoré Pass and with other neighbouring locations. Such as Bariloche and San Martin de Los Andes. It forms a famous traveller passage for both the summer season and winter season.

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La Angostura has its charm amongst the primary tourist attractions of Argentina’s Andean Patagonia not just because of the wood town itself, because of the charm of its sights. On its west side is the Nahuel Huapi Lake, and to the east, the Correntoso Lake. Both lakes are linked by the Correntoso River, which, with 200 meters of length, is one of the sportfishing locations around La Angostura.

1. El Mercando
Villa La Angostura always had a sort of mysticism that appeal many fans, witnesses to its development, to its prodigious scenes, and the customized of the leaders that developed it. Landscapes such the mouth of the Correntoso River and its hotel situated on a perspective, Mount Bayo, Lake Nahuel Huapi, and Lake Correntoso together with emblematic places such as Bahía Manzano or the Quetrihué Peninsula and its well-known myrtle tree forest or the particular Annual Garden Festival and the standard Handicrafts Market slowly ended up being rather widely known throughout Argentina and the world.
This town whose icon has always been Arrayanes Avenue and the ACA gasoline station has gone through the very same phenomenon as any other city: it gradually altered together with its population and its visitors. The very first inhabitants of the town assert that there used to be a lot of websites where people got together. They faded away as time went by.

2. Shop at the Artisan Fair
Villa La Angostura has several high-end stores as well as local handicraft products readily available for the critical souvenir-buying traveller. In the Bahia Mansa, you can roam the craftsmen reasonable where artisans collect each day in the port to offer their products. The part of the town which has more high-end shopping is situated along Avenida Arrayanes.

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3. Correntoso Lake Beach
It is simple to understand why the occupants of Villa La Angostura pick this location as an area for leisure. It is not only due to the reality that the lake is close: the appeal of its waters is well worth the longest journey. At the very first one, on the north, where the source of the river is situated, fishing is prohibited since it is where the trout live.

4. Kayak cruising in the winter season
In Villa La Angostura, a kayak trip is a way to enjoy the environments of the southern lakes. The crossings are adjusted to the requirements of the groups, which are typically decreased for much better attention by the guides that advertise and accompany all the attributes of the Nahuel Huapi National Park and the Los Arrayanes National Park. People who desire to struggle with various expeditions choose it to meditate on the environments from the waters of the lakes.

5. Cascada del Río Bonito
Off the roadway to Cerro Bayo, you will discover a long path that takes you to a seeing platform of a plunging waterfall. Keep going to see more of the forests and begin down a track that surrounds you with nature, leading you to a grey volcanic sand beach along with Bahia San Patricio. You’ll frequently see regional households having a day out with their family pets and kids investing a little time along the coasts.

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6. Go Horseback Riding
Some trips take you through the neighbouring Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, while others will lead you up the winding routes surrounding Cerro Bayo and Cerro Belvedere in the summer season. There is numerous business; however, in this little town, Cabalgatas del Tero is quite popular.

7. Biking Around Villa La Angostura.
Formally established on May 15, 1932, Villa La Angostura is a typical mountain town with little structures and productive plants. They all begin at the Automóvil Club Argentino location (in the heart of the city).