Get To Know About Baner Pune, India

Baner is a suburban area of Pune, India. Baner is popular for “Varkari” Parampara and Bhakti Aradhana for several years. Baner is surrounded by Pashan in the south, Balewadi to the west, Aundh to the north, and Pune University to the east.
Baner is a business and property centre of Pune and big parts are inhabited by numerous IT businesses.

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Shri Ram, Hanuman, Lakshmi, Tukai, Divya, Bhairavnath, Sant Savatamali, Baneshwar, Vitthal Rukmini, Ganpati, Dattatray and numerous temples are part of the cultural heritage of Baner. The most popular temple in Baner is the Bhairavnath Temple (well-known as GramDaivat which indicates Town Deity) which situated in the middle of the town. Datta Jayanti, Ram Navami, Savatamali Punyatithi, Bhagwanbaba, and Navratri are huge celebrations of Baner.

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Baner Hill

Baner Hill is a hill that separates 2 residential areas of Pune, Pashan, and Baner. Baner Hill is surrounded by 2 suburban areas of Pune, Pashan, and Baner. Many of its locations are in Baner, so it is famous as Baner Hill.

Baner has lots of choices for travellers in the city and one of them is Baner Hill. This hill is the 3rd greatest point within the city limitations, surrounded by Baner on one side and the Pashan location on the other.
You can take an Uber/Ola and put ‘Baner Hill’ as your location. In any other way, it is in a narrow lane behind Aundh-Baner link roadway, across to the area. You can ask the residents around to assist you.


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Social life and home entertainment

Baner has a big range of restaurants, clubs, and coffee shops. Baner does not have a full-blown shopping mall or multiplex theatre.